Soldier Boy’s RED THUNDER Movie Hits THE BOYS’ Hilarious (and Fake) Streaming Service

Soldier Boy is back on ice now after causing a flood of deaths—including Vought’s bravest lesbian hero Maeve—and general mayhem. But that doesn’t mean that Vought International isn’t still celebrating this good ole American hero. In The Boys season three, we caught glimpses of Red Thunder, a 1983 movie starring Soldier Boy as he goes up against the Reds. Now, it is available on the fictional Vought++ streaming service that we totally wish was a real thing. (We would have loved a Black Noir horoscope show.) And it is just as ridiculous as anything else coming from a supe.

The content warning is a clear dig at streamers who have put them up as a way to explain why they have wildly offensive content available. In this one, Vought brushes off Soldier Boy’s actions, blaming the Russians for radicalizing him. Nevertheless, the warning reminds us that he is still an American hero and that we can “learn” something from this propaganda. I mean… film. Please don’t send A-Train to run over me. 

The brave Soldier Boy (who Jensen Ackles always plays to perfection) is tied up. And he’s facing a Soviet commander named Yuri. The latter threatens the American captive, saying he doesn’t look like a hero. Soldier Boy jokes that he is in town to buy rugs, gets a fist to the gut, and claims he will kill every Commie bastard who tries to hurt his Payback comrades. He does get off a good line, saying “God would have mercy. I won’t.” 

scene of jensen ackles as soldier boy ties up to a pole in fake the boys movie
Prime Video

The Soldier Boy movie clip continues with Yuri taunting him while Soldier Boy plays the heartfelt hero. He does with a very thin veil, but it works long enough for the TNT twins to strike Yuri. The three run to the airfield to stop a strike and, well, I lowkey want to see the rest of this movie now.

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