The Zodiac Signs of THE BOYS’ Characters, According to Black Noir

The Boys’ characters are full of personality. From the two-faced antics of the very psychotic Homelander to Butcher’s often abrasive and snarky mood to MM’s stern yet loving persona, there’s a lot going on in that universe. And, as always, it is super fun to categorize and put our favorite characters into groupings based on their personalities. (We have done it before with the Yellowjackets collective and fairytale archetypes.) We have often wondered what Zodiac signs the wacky folks from The Boys fit into. And now we don’t have to wonder anymore. The Boys actor Nate Mitchell, a.k.a. Black Noir, gave it some deep thought, assigning all the main players a sun and moon horoscope sign based on their personality. 

And boy, is this not only accurate but ridiculously funny for so many reasons. First, there’s the fact that this is coming from Black Noir, who famously doesn’t talk in the present timeline. (Also, RIP my guy.) And the obvious fun being poked at some of them tracks for this show

Here are the Zodiac signs for The Boys characters: 

The Boys and Their Zodiac Signs

Billy Butcher
Zodiac Signs: Gemini sun and Aries moon 
Mother's Milk watches Billy Butcher hold up a vial of Compound V on The Boys
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Billy Butcher is a fighter and warrior so we get the Aries moon. And the Gemini comes from him either being a jovial and somewhat loving (in his own gruff way) dude while also being a complete d**khead at other times. 

Zodiac Signs: Virgo sun and Cancer moon
Hughie looks at Starlight with regret on The Boys
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He speaks to Hughie’s Cancer side, noting his heart, emotions, and desire to protect those he loves. (Explains why he went all supe this season.) But, to me, that Virgo sun reveals itself through Hughie always wanting to know a plan and thinking ahead. He’s the one who uses the world’s upgraded technology to convince Soldier Boy to work with them. 

Zodiac Signs: Aries sun and Libra moon 

As Mitchell says a few times, Aries is the warrior of the signs. And Kimiko is the ultimate warrior for the Boys so it makes sense for this one to be in her Zodiac lineup. But the Libra moon gives her balance where she still holds onto the normal things like wanting to eat cotton candy and watch romantic movies. She’s the best of both worlds. 

Mother’s Milk, a.k.a. “MM” 
Zodiac Signs: Taurus sun and Virgo moon
MM sits on a bed with Janine and reads her a book in the boys finale
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Mitchell points out that MM is calm and grounded compared to his crew. But, I think there is more. Like the Taurus bull, once MM gets his sights set on something, it is very hard to change his mind. A stubborn one, indeed. And his Virgo moon explains why he is so meticulous and organized about everything. The Boys knew what they were doing when they brought him in.

Zodiac Signs: Aquarius sun and Pisces moon 
Frenchie and Kimiko singing and dancing during The Boys big musical number
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Yes, he is a romantic and poetic guy. And that Pisces sun only takes it up a notch, putting him deeply in touch with his feelings. This is why he should ride off into the sun with Kimiko for a happily ever after. 

The Supes and Their Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio sun and Gemini moon 
Homelander gives a creepy smile at a shareholder's meeting on The Boys
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Sorry to all the Scorpio suns out there. Mitchell has placed the infamous Homelander into your realm… and he’s not wrong. He points out that Scorpio is closely tied with intensity and a fear of abandonment. And boy is that the truth with Homelander. His entire arc, especially in season three, has been about wanting familiar love. Gemini is the twin sign and we literally see that play out with Homelander when he faces his dark inner voice. 

Queen Maeve 
Zodiac Signs: Aries sun and Pisces moon 
Maeve in season three episode five of The Boys, for The Boys season three most shocking, gross, WTF moments article
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Mitchell gives Maeve the Aries sun because she is a warrior woman, much like her DC Comics counterpart Wonder Woman. But that Pisces moon explains why she is very sensitive to the things around her, unlike Homelander, and strives to hold onto her empathy and humanity.

Black Noir
Zodiac Signs: Various 

Mitchell admits that his character Black Noir could be anything. An intense Scorpio and mysterious. A Sagittarius because he is goofy. A confident fighting Aries. But he says that the core part of him falls under Cancer because of his deep emotions. Love it. 

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn sun and Scorpio moon 
A sad Starlight looks at Hughie leave her behind
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Starlight is officially one of the Boys now but she’s still a supe so that’s why her Zodiac signs fall in this category. According to Mitchell, her Capricorn sun gives her that drive to accomplish and change things. It is why we saw her join The Seven in the first place. But a Scorpio moon shows up with Starlight often. (I know this as a Scorpio moon myself.) She will deliver a calculated strike back when necessary, like livestreaming Homelander’s sordid admissions on her socials. Or she will sting directly, putting someone in their place while her eyes are glowing with energy. 

The Deep
Zodiac Signs: Leo sun and Cancer moon 
The Deep sings Imagine in his Gal Gadot parody on The Boys
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This is spot on. As Mitchell points out, his Leo makes him love the spotlight and being the center of attention. But that Cancer moon makes him super sensitive. He is constantly groveling for Homelander’s approval and desperately wants to be loved. 

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius sun and Capricorn moon
A-Train looks sad after his brother kicks him out on The Boys
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Sagittarius are sometimes called Sagiterrorists for a reason. And while A-Train isn’t wreaking havoc like Homelander, he’s not a great person either. In fact, him killing Hughie’s girlfriend is what sparked all of this show’s events in the first place. Mitchell points out that his sun sign is a traveling one, which is appropriate for a man who goes really fast and far. He doesn’t get into his Cap moon but we all know that he’s also driven, although his morals and motivations are teeming with selfishness. 

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