You Can Get Paid $1,000 to Eat Cheese Before Bed

Do you suffer from scary nightmares? Does restless sleep trouble your mind when you lay your head on the pillow? Well, it might have to do with that piece of cheese you snuck out of the fridge before bedtime. According to a report in the NY Post, the organization known as Sleep Junkie is looking for five American testers to eat many different types of cheeses every week and then record their dreams and nightmares. They believe there may be a connection between cheese and your nightly brain activity. And they’re willing to pay $1,000 to willing cheese sleep study participants.

Various different kinds of cheese together.

According to the official job description from Sleep Junkie, they cover all the cheese costs. Their “dairy dreamers” will become official cheese testers, providing honest feedback on how eating various kinds of cheese before bed impacts sleep. If chosen, one will have to log their sleep quality via a sleep tracker, but also provide a written evaluation of sleep quality, energy levels throughout the week, and any feedback on dreams and nightmares. This strange yet intriguing cheese sleep study starts in March and continues for three months.

Only five “Dairy Dreamers” will make the cut for this real-world Hunger Game. So what will push your application to the top of the pile? They are looking for “people who enjoy sleeping and eating.” Ok, that’s most people. That doesn’t narrow it down at all, does it? They are also looking for folks with no lactose intolerance (duh), and no sleep disorders. Also, testers will need to own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks their sleep. Plus, maintain a consistent sleep schedule, and be able to sleep alone during the trials. Ok, all these requirements leave maybe five people in North America who qualify. If you think you are one of those five, head on over to Sleep Junkie for more information.

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