Skydivers Use Pyrotechnics to Put on Incredible Light Show

I’ve never been skydiving. But I would imagine one of the things they really stress about jumping out of an airplane is how much you want to avoid catching on fire while in the air. Not just because of the risk to your body; the last thing you want to do is burn your parachute. But what do I know! Apparently even less than I thought. Because a team of skydivers in Texas used LED lights and pyrotechnics to put on an incredible aerial performance.

This summer a team from Skydive Spaceland Houston took to the air in Rosharon, Texas for a unique light show (which we first learned about at Laughing Squid). Right after sunset on June 14, 22 skydivers went up wearing LEDs on their suits. They also had pyrotechnics attached to their feet. The group jumped when the plane was at 14,500 feet, at which point they created the human equivalent of a meteor shower. The skydivers shot 300-foot towers of sparks into the air, in a display that would have made Tony Stark jealous. And while the show didn’t last long, it created a memorable spectacle of lights.

As fun as this is to watch, it’s also stressful. The up-close look highlights how close the skydivers got to one another. At some points it seems certain they will pass through one of the streams of sparks. Maybe that’s totally safe! But I do not want to find out.

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They obviously weren’t worried, though. This wasn’t even the first time the team from Skydive Spaceland Houston took to the air for this kind of performance. Their practice night jump from March is even more impressive.

This is incredibly cool, and it must be amazing to see live from the ground. But unless you’re a highly trained professional, if you ever do go skydiving maybe leave the pyrotechnics behind.

Featured Image: Caters Clips

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