Sinemia Challenges MoviePass with Competitive Pricing and Perks

As MoviePass continues to undergo trials, tribulations, and unpredictable alterations to the terms of service, a new challenger has entered the field  of subscription-based movie tickets. California-based Sinemia, founded in 2014, has  expanded nationally and internationally, and as part of a “summer sale” (as learned via  Slashfilm) are offering prices comparable to–and in some cases better than–the beleaguered app you might be more familiar with. Advantages include the fact that there’s no actual card, you don’t have to be physically at the theater, and some of their pricing options include not just IMAX, but even 4DX, if you happen to live near one of those water-spraying, seat-moving extravaganzas.

Plans are offered monthly and annually: if you want the monthly, you have to pay an initiation fee of $19.99, but if you go the annual route, the fee is waived; you just have to pay the whole year at once. And if the premiums of 3D and IMAX don’t interest you, that attractive price point of $9.99 a month gets you three movies, with no blackout dates and no rules against seeing the same movie more than once. If you don’t care about IMAX-4DX or 3D, you can get three movies for $9.99 a month.

As you can see, it’s a significant reduction from previous prices, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, $9.99 for even one movie a month is a helluva deal. Which does make you wonder if they’ll hit the same snags as MoviePass down the line, since there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way for them to be making a profit on this besides using your data for consumer research. Still, that’s on them to figure out, not you. If you want to take advantage, do so now while it’s there.

What do you think of Sinemia’s new plans? Let us know in comments.

Images: Sinemia, m4tik – 128db

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