Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to Play Ghost Hunters in New TV Series

Even the greatest movies usually have one subpar performance, scene, or moment that makes them “only” 99.9% unassailable. Being fully aware of that, I absolutely stand behind this claim: Shaun of the Dead is a perfect movie. It is completely flawless, and because of that (along with my love for Spaced, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End), I will support anything Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do for the rest of time. They won’t have difficulty convincing anyone to watch their next project together, though, because it sounds like it’ll be right up Shaun of the Dead fans’ alley. The pair will return to the world of horror to play paranormal investigators on Truth Seekers, their new series headed to Amazon.

Variety reports that Amazon Prime Video has picked up the rights to the series created by the two stars of the Three Colors Cornetto Trilogy. Frost and Pegg will play Gus and Dave, who “team up to uncover and film paranormal sightings across the UK,” which sounds inspired by “reality” shows like Ghost Hunters… if the hosts actually found any actual ghosts.

Here’s Variety‘s description of the show:

“They stake out haunted churches, underground bunkers, and abandoned hospitals using an array of homemade ghost-detecting gizmos and share their adventures on an online channel. Their supernatural experiences grow more frequent, terrifying, and even deadly as the pair begin to uncover a conspiracy that could threaten the entire human race.”

Give. It. To. Me.

Production of the series will start in September of 2019, and the first season is slated for eight 30-ish-minute-long episodes. No word yet on when it might debut.

Not that it matters. Whether it comes out in early 2020, or next fall in time for the Halloween season, I’ll be there waiting to watch it. Everything about this show sounds perfect.

Featured Image: Rogue Pictures

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