Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Michael Sheen Return to Horror Comedy in SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ Trailer

If the termination of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy was rough for you to deal with, the sight of this first trailer for  Slaughterhouse Rulez should be just the boost in the arm you’ve been waiting for.

The new horror comedy may not have Edgar Wright (instead, it’s directed by A Fantastic Fear of Everything‘s Crispian Mills) behind the camera, but it does have Simon Pegg and Nick Frost leading the cast as an oafish boarding school teacher and a hermitic drug dealer, respectively, who get roped up into a monster-hunting (and quite the reverse) adventure. Take a look

But the flare of this film’s ensemble is not limited to this ever-reliable comic duo; we’ve also got Michael Sheen as the school’s uptight headmaster, who joins Pegg and a team of teenage Hogwarts send-ups (we spotted a Draco, a Hermoine, and a definite Neville in this trailer alone, and we’re guessing Asa Butterfield is the stand-in for ol’ H.P. himself) into the throes of comedic chaos.

Naturally, Harry Potter isn’t the only property getting a good ribbing in the trailer; we’re also getting some stray hints of Stranger Things and even classic Scooby-Doo. References aside, the comic prowess of the headlining trio leaves us eager to see this latest venture into genre parody from the Cornetto boys and the welcome addition of Michael Sheen. (On top of everything else, this really whets our appetites for Sheen’s upcoming appearance in the Neil Gaiman series Good Omens.)

What do you think of this first look at Slaughterhouse Rulez? Let us know!

Images: Sony Pictures International

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