Keira Knightley Hosts an Apocalypse Party in SILENT NIGHT Trailer

It’s time for Christmas movie fare. Between Lifetime, Hallmark, and every single streaming service releasing what feels like 1,000 movies about a woman returning to her small town and falling in love with an ornament maker, there’s a lot of predictable cheer going around. But my favorite Christmas movies are those with a dark flair in some way. Give me holiday horror or something with a sinister twist please, like the upcoming film Silent Night starring Keira Knightley (aka our lovely Elizabeth Swann) and Matthew Goode. Silent Night‘s dark and comedic trailer puts a wild spin on a holiday celebration.

The clip follows a couple who invite their friends over for a holiday dinner. Everything seems cool on the surface. The countryside house is giving all the Christmas vibes with a snowy scene, large rooms, and the perfect little English family. Everyone comes together for sarcastic laughs, drinks, and fellowship. A normal holiday gathering, right? Wrong. The reason they are coming together is because they will all die soon. Like tomorrow. Gives a whole new meaning to silent night, I suppose. All will be certainly calm after everyone dies.

Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode sit on couch in dress clothes in silent night film trailer
RJLE Films/YouTube

Doomsday is upon them with deadly gas coming to wipe out all of humanity. This quirky group makes the most of it with their dark, cynical humor and outlook on their short future. It’s my personal brand of humor so I am all in. Although I probably would be curled up in a ball crying if I knew the world was going to end tomorrow. Or maybe not. The Earth is probably sick of us anyway and hoping we would just go away. But I digress.

Silent Night‘s trailer sparks intrigue. The film will hit theaters and AMC+ on December 2, just in time to bring you twisted holiday cheer.

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