Shrek’s Swamp Is Now a Screen Accurate Airbnb

We’ve seen some awesome, nerdy Airbnbs in our day. We’ve seen a few that look like Hobbit holes and some that emulate the Haunted Mansion or Scooby’s Mystery Machine. But this Airbnb based on the Shrek franchise just might beat them all. Located in Scotland’s Highlands, this is a perfect replica of the home of everyone’s favorite green ogre. Shrek’s Swamp is available for one weekend only, October 27-29 of this year for $0. (We’re guessing Shrek is on vacay that weekend). Bookings open on October 13 at 6 PM BST. So whoever wants to stay there, we wish that the keyboard gods look kindly upon you.

Shrek himself won’t be home, but it appears by the listing that Donkey will greet visitors. This house features everything you’d want from Shrek’s Swamp house that you saw in the movies. It’s got a dirt floor, a wood bed, and a dinner table with a candle designed to mimic the earwax candle. The adherence to Shrek details extends beyond the immediate interiors and exteriors of the house, with “Beware Ogre” and “Stay Out” signs outside. Luckily, the house has an actual working toilet with a sink, so you won’t be forced to use the outhouse like Shrek did in the movies. No one needs that level of sticking to Shrek canon.

The Shrek Swamp House Airbnb exterior.

So who actually owns this property? All we know is that the Ardverikie Estate owns it. We don’t know why they built it, as it doesn’t seem to be permanently meant for Airbnb. Maybe they’re just the world’s biggest fans of the Kingdom of Far, Far Away, and wanted a little slice of it for themselves? The listing for the Shrek house notes that they paid Universal Studios for the rights to any characters and similarities to the animated franchise. Airbnb is making a one-time donation to Scotland’s HopScotch Children’s Charity as part of this promotion.

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