We’re Accidentally in Love with These SHREK Crocs

Ogres are not known for their fashion, generally speaking. Shrek certainly didn’t make any statements with his grubby tunic and too-small vest. Crocs might change the perception of ogres with an upcoming design, though. These Shrek Crocs, which we first spotted at Hypebeast, bring the grumpy ogre to footwear in a far too lifelike manner. They’re kind of… great. In the style of the Classic Clog and in a hideously perfect slimy green hue, these Shrek Crocs make a statement.

The vibrant color of the Crocs isn’t the only nod to Shrek. The back heel straps are fuzzy and brown, nodding to the character’s brown vest. Shrek’s “S” logo features on the straps. But the real stars of the Shrek Crocs design are the Jibbitz. If you are not a Crocs aficionado, Jibbitz are charms you can attach to Crocs’ signature holes as accessories. Often they are cute. In this case, the Jibbitz add Shrek’s nose and ears, taking the shoes from funky to mildly disturbing. The ears and nose addition truly make the look in our opinion, but if you want less lifelike Shrek Crocs, you can leave the Jibbitz off.

Shrek premiered in 2001. Yes, it really has been that long. Sequels and spinoffs have followed. A fifth Shrek movie is potentially in the works, too. On top of that, Universal announced a DreamWorks-themed land for its Orlando, Florida park. Shrek will surely feature in that. This means you have all the occasions to bust out these Shrek Crocs.

The only bad thing about the Shrek Crocs is that we don’t have a release date yet. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Crocs’ website.

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