SHREK 5 Movie with Original Voice Cast Teased by Illumination CEO

Chris Meledandri is currently getting ready to put The Super Mario Bros. Movie into the world. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t already eyeing the next thing. The Illumination founder and CEO plans on hopping back into a beloved franchise for yet another installment. Which one? Shrek. Yes, you read that correctly. In an interview with Variety, Chris Meledandri hints that Shrek 5 will be coming our way with its original voice actors, including Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz. Shrek must keep his Scottish accent at all costs.

Shrek and Donkey look confused in Shrek
DreamWorks Animation

Right now, Shrek 5 has no deals in place nor any actors signed on quite yet. It would be a stretch to say that the film is even in the early stages at this point. But, Meledandri is quite optimistic that the film will happen in the future. “We anticipate the cast coming back. Talks are starting now, and every indication that we’ve gotten is there’s tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of the actors to return,” he said. Meledandri noted that in addition to Shrek 5, he thought the character of Donkey could definitely support a movie spinoff .

Interesting indeed. In the era of consistent reboots, revivals, and requels, they might as well bring Donkey, Shrek, and Fiona back for another round.

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