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SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESSES OF POWER Are Getting Their Very Own Doll Line!

Raise your sword, because our favorite warrior princesses are getting their very own toy line! Mattel and DreamWorks are celebrating the successful return of She-Ra with a series of dolls based on the Netflix show. Mattel and DreamWorks worked closely together to make sure the dolls capture the aesthetics of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Considering her long history with Mattel, we’re glad to see She-Ra as a toy new generations can appreciate.

Thanks to their articulated limbs, She-Ra and the other figures can fight (and pose) their way to victory against the Evil Horde. You can either get your favorite character alone, or collect each doll for the ultimate experience. The dolls will become available for purchase at Target stores in the US starting in August. For $14.99, you can get She-Ra in her hero look, Adora, Catra, Bow, or Glimmer. If you want to She-Ra & Swift Wind set, it’ll cost you $29.99

Force Captain Adora

Photographer David Chickering/Stylist Audra Bennett

First up is Force Captain Adora. Clad in her signature red and white top, gray pants, boots, and bouncy, blonde ponytail, she’s ready for battle. Adora also carries her magical Sword of Protection and features 11 joints that allow for easy posing.


David Chickering/Audra Bennett

Next up is the commander of the Bright Moon, Glimmer. Wearing her shimmery purple jumpsuit and sporting her two-tone, pink and purple hair, she’s ready to lead the Princess Alliance. Like Adora, she also has 11 joints of easy posing and comes with her very own Sparkle Energy Blast.


David Chickering/Audra Bennett

Who would Glimmer be without her BFF, Bow? Bow is dressed in his armor and blue pants from the show, and carries his iconic bow. With 13 joints, the archer and tech master is ready for any battle. 


David Chickering/Audra Bennett

With every good hero, there has to be a good villain, too. Catra’s doll features her signature headpiece and jumpsuit, as well as her battle staff. We also love the little details in this look—Catra’s clawed toes and tail add to her fierce aura. With 11 joints, she is ready for any battle in defense of the Horde.

She-Ra & Swift Wind

Photographer David Chickering/Stylist Audra Bennett

Make way—She-Ra and Swift Wind are ready for battle! Clad in gold and shimmery Battle Armor, She-Ra is ready to fight with the Princess Alliance. Besides having 11 joints, She-Ra can also saddle up onto her alicorn, Swift Wind. Swift Wind’s magical winds can flap as She-Ra flies, magical sword in hand.


Photographer David Chickering/Stylist Audra Bennett

Finally, there’s classic She-Ra. With 11 joints and her magical Sword of Protection held high, the warrior princess is ready to save the universe. For the honor of Greyskull!

Images: DreamWorks, Mattel (Photographer David Chickering/Stylist Audra Bennett)

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