SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS’ New Trailer Makes Warfare a Family Affair

The gods aren’t just angry, superhero fans. They are downright furious. Billy Batson won’t have to face those irate mythological deities by himself in Shazam 2, though. He’s got more than just a magical word and incredible powers on his side. He’s also got a super family to fight his new (old) enemies. Or at least he will for a little while. The latest Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer shows that just because you and your siblings have amazing abilities doesn’t mean everyone will be okay with it. The Daughters of Atlas aren’t okay with children having the power of the gods.

That’s a great trailer, but we are not okay with the idea of Billy having to sacrifice himself to save his family. That makes it an ominous trailer.

How can it not be when he can reasonably call one of his new enemies Khaleesi? We know what happens when an angry Khaleesi shows up! And that last one wasn’t the daughter of a god!

Shazam and his Shazam Family stand together in thier adult superhero form on a birdge in Shazam: Fury of the GOds
Warner Bros.

Once again Zachary Levi stars as the adult alter ego of Asher Angel’s Billy Batson. Also returning from the first film are: Jack Dylan Grazer, Adam Brody, Ross Butler, Meagan Good, D.J. Cotrona, Grace Caroline Currey, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen, Jovan Armand, Marta Milans, and Cooper Andrews. And Djimon Hounsou will also reprise his role as Wizard. (And we love that he is just as ornery as ever. After thousands of years of searching he should really have been allowed to rest for a lot longer!)

Some other big names are joining in on the fun this time around. That includes the movie’s big bads Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu. And rounding out the cast is West Side Story‘s Rachel Zegler.

Directed once again by David F. Sandberg, Shazam! Fury of the Gods flies into international theaters on March 15, 2023. It debuts in North America on March 17. See if your siblings are around that day to go with you.

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