Early SHAZAM! Reactions Are Extremely Positive

Though the DC Extended Universe once proudly distinguished itself from the MCU with a bold “no jokes” policy, the Warner Bros-produced franchise has, little by little, been loosening up.

In large part, the shift has been a welcome one. Movie fans en masse have celebrated the bright and hopeful spirit of Wonder Woman and the fun-loving nature of Aquaman, and it appears they’ve taken kindly to DCEU’s latest handiwork as well. On Thursday, the internet met with the first wave of reactions to Shazam!, an especially lighthearted DC property that has ostensibly given way to an appropriately goofy feature film.

By and large, the reactions are incredibly positive, cheering on Shazam!‘s willful sense of humor and positive nature. See for yourself below:

As you can see, repeat mentions of cheer and humor suggest something very different from the DCEU’s inceptive era, even for those of us who enjoyed the more serious-minded Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. One particularly interesting consistency among the conversation is comparisons to ’80s family classics:

Among general praise for the film’s good vibes, star Zachary Levi himself seems to have been called out as a particular highlight.

Sounds like they nailed this one, eh?

Images: Warner Bros.

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