SHARKNADO Comes to Theaters for 10th Anniversary Event

It’s hard to believe, but the deliberately goofy Sharknado series is 10 years old this year. Yes, the first Sharknado movie, starring former ’90s teen icons Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, premiered on Syfy in 2013. Since then, it has spawned a staggering five sequels and two spinoffs. Now, to celebrate five years of this very camp-tastic franchise, we’ve learned ( via Gizmodo) that the original Sharknado is coming to theaters for a special two-night Sharknado: Tenth Anniversary event. And reportedly with “hundreds of upgraded special effects and fully remastered in 4K.” We’re not sure why any of that’s needed, but hey, why not?

You can watch the trailer for this special event above. It’s coming to cinemas on August 15 and 16. You can also check out the two new Sharknado posters below, one of which brazenly cashes in on the whole Barbie phenomenon. Look, it’s Sharknado. We should not expect any subtlety here. We don’t know about you, but all of those pastel sharks and hot pink whirlwinds give us some real Lisa Frank sticker vibes.

Sharknado's two Tenth Anniversary edition posters.
The Asylum

Who knew that such a truly cheesy made-for-TV movie would have such a long shelf life? Or that it would lead to a decade of sequels and spinoffs? Well, when you’re a series about how a tornado picks up and scatters great white sharks and other aquatic predators all over Los Angeles, it’s fair to say you’re not going to have much competition in that department. Sorry, The Meg. How does one giant prehistoric shark compete with all that? As the tagline says for the newly remastered 10th Anniversary Edition, we’re getting “More sharks. More ‘nado.” Really, what more could we want?

Sharknado key art.
The Asylum/Syfy

Sharknado: The 10th Anniversary Edition arrives in theaters August 15 and 16; you can pick up tickets at

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