CLOWNADO Mashes Up SHARKNADO And IT For Campy Horror Delights

The Sharknado movies may have ended for the time being, but there are even more ridiculous whirlwinds coming soon to replace them. What happens when you take a dash of Pennywise from IT and mash it up with Sharknado? Yes ladies and gentlemen, you get Clownado. This campy new horror flick is coming this summer from Wild Eye Releasing and director Todd Sheets, and we have the first full trailer for it down below:

On Clownado’s official Facebook page, the creators describe their intent with this movie, saying “our goal with Clownado is to make a scary and splatter-filled, nonstop roller coaster ride of a Horror movie. Shot in a “Neo-Noir” style… It’s something new, fresh, original and unique but also familiar. Using only Practical Special Makeup Effects and old school styled Visual Effects, Clownado has the vibe of Classic Horror movies we love from the 70s and 80s. So if you took some VHS era Horror, toss in some John Carpenter atmosphere, a bit of Lucio Fulci, Evil Dead, Bad Taste and Dead Alive, buckets of gore, noir style and supernatural Clowns and you threw them into a swirling storm of insanity… this would be it!”

CLOWNADO Mashes Up SHARKNADO And IT For Campy Horror Delights_2

A new poster for Clownado has also been released as well, which you can see above. For this movie to turn out like over-the-top funny and gory classic films like the ones mentioned by the filmmakers is indeed a tall order. But kudos go out to the creators of Clownado for trying to bring some old school fun and campy theatrics back to horror. Although we imagine for a not insignificant part of the population that has a deep fear of clowns, this movie will probably be legit disturbing. Clownado will be showing in various film festivals around the country, and is set to get a release sometime this summer.

Images: Wide Eye Releasing

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