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See Gillian Anderson as David Bowie in Bonkers American Gods Scene

Editor’s Note: this post contains spoilers for episode five of American Gods. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Ugh. It is impossible to account for all the ways in which we love Gillian Anderson and  American Gods. The Bryan Fuller/Michael Green take on Neil Gaiman’s novel has presented the New God, Media, as the most exciting sort of chameleon — one that takes on the visage of the world’s most iconic celebrities in order to force her point. In previous episodes we saw her Media appear to Shadow as Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy (and ask him if he wanted to see Lucy’s tits), but this week, she’s appearing as intergalactic spaceman,  David Bowie, to put that  li’l miscreant Technical Boy (Bruce Langley) in his place.

Check out the groovy clip below:


Now, to clarify/some legally specific language because we’re in interesting territory with this show: Gillian Anderson stars as the New God Media in American Gods. Media assumes whatever form will deliver her message most effectively and is often personified by iconic celebrities (like Bowie, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and more).

It’s exciting to see Media come in as a sort of keeper of the peace in the incredibly fraught (reluctant?) team-up of  Mr. World and the New Gods in their battle against Mr. Wednesday and the Old Gods. Of course the opiate of the masses would want everyone to simply get along, right?

We’ve also got an image for you to gawk at/turn into your new profile photo/plaster your bedroom walls with because that’s exactly the sort of adulation David Bowie/Gillian Anderson deserve:

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