Sea of Thieves – It’s A Pirate’s Life for Virtual Me

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Ahoy, me hearties! Arrr ye ready for a new pirate co-op game?

While that might be more than enough pirate-speak for everyone, we’ve got some pretty awesome stuff coming in the land of pirate games. E3 2016 is going strong, so we are all full to bursting with amazing bits of news about new consoles and new games coming our way in the future. One of those games I am personally STOKED about is Rare’s new game that is exclusive on  Xbox (sorry PlayStation gamers), Sea of Thieves.

The game is a co-op pirate adventure where you and your mateys can get together and take part in some real pirate action from exploring different islands, sailing on your pirate ship, engaging in naval battles against rival ships, and of course, enjoying some pirate rum (and getting drunk later). Of course, being a pirate isn’t just plundering and boozing. The ship will still require maintenance and you’ll need a crew to keep it afloat. So be wary of lazy crew members and rogue waves, for they could all herald disaster for you, your crew, and your vessel.

Microsoft released some brief game play footage, and though there isn’t a huge amount, the game looks like it’s tons of fun. Check it out:

We don’t quite have a specific release date just yet, but this pirate sim game looks like an absolute blast. While you’re waiting for the game to hit stores, you can go to the game’s website to get more info about the game and sign up for the newsletter, as well as follow the games developer, Captain Bones, for game updates, riddles, and bone puns–obviously.

Do you think Sea of Thieves looks fun? What are you most excited about trying out in-game? What other pirate things do you hope is in the game? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Image credit: Rare/ Sea of Thieves

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