SCHITT’S CREEK Drops a Trailer for Moira’s THE CROWS HAVE EYES Movie

The trailer for Moira Rose’s big screen comeback is here and it’s as majestic as we imagined. For much of the last few seasons, Moira’s (Catherine O’Hara) storyline on Schitt’s Creek has revolved around her quest for a cinematic return. After a tumultuous journey, the former daytime television star’s second act is upon us with the trailer for The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening.

In the trailer, a flock of mutant birds attack “respected ornithologist” Dr. Clara Mandrake, played by Moira, and a colleague before they can retreat to their lab. Listen closely to Dr. Clara’s caws because something evil is definitely afoot.

Throughout the series, Moira’s work on soap series Sunrise Bay—and her many near accolades—has been a long-running gag. With the exception of a brief glimpse at her professional work pre-Schitt’s Creek—and the now-iconic fruit wine commercial—on the series, Moira’s career has largely been recounted through a series of hilarious vignettes (usually told when attempting to lift up her fellow Jazzagals). So when Schitt’s Creek teased Moira’s return to acting in season four, fans were immediately enthralled at the possibility of seeing her perform.

In season five of the series, Moira gets a much-needed reprieve from her long-term temporary home of Schitt’s Creek as she heads to Bosnia to shoot Crows. Directed by Blaire (no last name), an up-and-coming director who is using the film to fund expensive vacations to Bora Bora, production on the movie is tempestuous at best for Moira, who takes the absurd premise very seriously as she fashions the movie as her comeback. Unfortunately, Crows endures a final roadblock in season five finale “Life Is a Cabaret,” when it is shelved. But, in the season six premiere, as Moira ponders a world without the stage (or screen), Crows is back on, having found a home on the fictional streaming platform Interflix.

Mirroring the series’ on-screen promotion of the film, Schitt’s Creek has taken a hilariously realistic approach to promoting The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening. Taking the approach of its real streaming platform peers, an Interflix Twitter account contains a number of promotional materials, including a trailer countdown, GIFs, and the tweets from Moira’s Twitter takeover in season six episode “The Incident.” But as in the episode, the disastrous live-stream video has been deleted, though traces of it remain.

The Interflix Twitter account also contains a detailed “ press release,” describing the Crows franchise as a “a series of apocalyptic fantasies about mutant birds.” However, Moira has a more poetic outlook on the third installment in the “critically reviewed” Crows franchise, calling it “a timely allegory about prejudice.”

With the success of The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening early in Schitt’s Creek‘s final season, we’re hoping to see more of Moira’s theatrical forays in the final episodes to come. The sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek is currently airing on Pop TV.

Feature Image: Pop TV

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