Scented Putty Looks Good Enough to Eat (But Please Don’t)

Do the youths still play with putty? I hope so. I loved the stuff when I was a kid. Smushing it over any object I could find, especially ones with weird textures, was like an obsession. My favorite thing though was pressing it onto newspapers, usually the comics, to copy the ink. That way I could stretch Snoopy‘s face. I imagine trying that with an e-reader isn’t as satisfying though. But kids today can now play with a different version of that classic toy, a kind that makes me envious. Vat19‘s Scented Whipped Putty smells like real food.

But just because it has an appetizing odor doesn’t mean you can eat it.

Four different colored jars of scented putty toys against a blue screen, with a pull of putty above eachVat19

The novelty shop Vat19 has a new a “pliable plaything” called Scented Whipped Putty. The company describes its texture as falling somewhere between the kind of “slime crafted from kids’ school glue and borax” and that of “a classic kneading putty.” The “slightly sticky, slightly squishy” product, whose air pockets provide for some very juvenile sound effects, feels a lot like “marshmallow fluff.”  Which is fitting since Mushy Mallow (marshmallow) is one of the four available scents. There’s also Peanut Butter, Choco Loco (chocolate), and Berry Bliss (mixed berry).

Each jar of the gooey plaything is 175 grams (or 6.17-ounces). It’s recommended for kids four and older. You might be hesitant to let your toddler run off with some though. The aromatic putty “may stick to or stain some surfaces.” More importantly, this stuff is not edible, no matter how good it smells. Do not make a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich with your Scented Whipped Putty. And definitely do not keep it near any actual foods.

A single jar costs $5.99. However, you can’t select your preferred aroma. Vat19 picks them randomly from an assortment. It’s also recommended you store your putty in the jar “to keep it fresh” when it’s not being used.

But if kids like it as much as I did Silly Putty, it won’t be in the jar that often. And my nose is already jealous.

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