Is Scarlet Witch Key to Bringing X-MEN to the MCU?

Disney‘s pending acquisition of Fox has made possible a dream scenario Marvel fans have long hoped for — the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU. But after a decade of Earth’s mightiest heroes saving the planet from enemies both domestic and intergalactic, how will they explain why no-one has seen any mutants this entire time?

We doubt Professor X and Magneto were playing a game of chess so intense they failed to notice the entire planet was under attack. To logically bring their other group of famous heroes into the fold, Marvel might need to bend time and space itself. Fortunately for them,  Scarlet Witch might be able to make that happen, by adapting an old comic book story on her upcoming Disney+ mini-series.On this Nerdist News Edition, Jessica Chobot explores a new fan theory that proposes a loose adaptation of the House of M story from the comics could explain how Wanda Maximoff could create a world where the X-Men’s unexplained absence wouldn’t be weird. Because she could make it so they were never missing at all. That might sound confusing, but so does the Quantum Realm and we’re all in on the Avengers using that to undo the Thanos’ Great Dusting.

The old switcheroo! Only, it’s a complete inversion of the House of M story, and also Marvel swaps one Quicksilver for another. It makes sense though. This theory would both explain why Scarlet Witch will get her own series, and how the X-Men could be seamlessly introduced into the MCU without creating any plot holes — by creating a huge hole in the space-time continuum.No matter how they plan to do it, Marvel has likely been dreaming of this possibility as long as fans have, so we’re sure they have a vision for how to make it possible.What do you think? Will Scarlet Witch be the key to the X-Men joining the MCU? Does the House of M storyline tell us how she’ll do it? Share your best theory with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Marvel

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