Saxophonist Accompanies Himself with Help from Huge Pipe

German polymath, Armin Küpper, has figured out how to use large, outdoor pipes to make it sound like he’s accompanying himself on saxophone and the self-harmonization is quite trippy. Küpper’s not only able to perform call-and-responses with himself, but is also able to achieve some hauntingly beautiful tones. Which comes as no surprise considering the musician-artist’s wide range of talents.

Laughing Squid picked up on the video of Küpper accompanying himself on saxophone, which was recently posted to his eponymous YouTube channel. In (translated) text beneath the video, Küpper notes that the sound the giant tube produces helps him to feel less lonely. Küpper adds that “The nice thing is, when it gets cool in the evening, I sit down in the tube heated up during the day and enjoy the sunset while playing the saxophone.”

Küpper, again, via translated text, says on his website that when he’s making art, he just likes to open himself up and “Let the moment arise.” Küpper notes that when it comes to music in particular, his aim is to “express ‘the intangible.'”

Along with playing the saxophone like a boss, Küpper is also a talented painter and sculptor. He has numerous stone and bronze sculptures on his site, as well as more than a dozen abstract paintings. Küpper’s music is still definitely the most accessible way to appreciate his creativity though, as it doesn’t need to be packaged and shipped. With that in mind, here is the 21st century Renaissance artisan playing the guitar inside a tube at sunset.

What do you think about Armin Küpper accompanying himself on saxophone? And what do you think of his other artwork? Are you going to try to get your hands on any of his sculptures or paintings? Let’s get a harmonious call and response going in the comments!

Feature image: Armin Küpper

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