SAVED BY THE BELL Pop-Up Event Returning to Three Cities

In 2016, a Saved by the Bell pop-up served plenty of nostalgia to Chicago. “Saved by the Max” was an interactive experience of food, drinks, photos, and memories. The exhibition eventually made its way to Los Angeles and now it’s returning this summer. And it’s bigger than ever: a five-day, “socially conscience” event in three different cities.

And that includes its first time taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

SAVED BY THE BELL The Max Pop-Up Returning to Three Cities_1Saved by the Max

From August 20th through the 25th “Saved By The Max” will celebrate all things Bayside in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. That spot on the calendar is no accident either, as the show premiered on August 20, 1988. That date is now known as Saved by the Bell Day.

Fans can sign up now for an official time slot, as each venue will be practicing safe social distancing. Guests can also pre-order their “Bayside Preppy Packs.” The “fully bayside branded” kits come with “a world famous” Bayside Burger and Tigers Tater Tots” along with a “special SBTB Day 2020 commemorative item.” You also have the option to add some of their “tasty sides, beverages (alcoholic/non), delicious desserts, and limited time Safer At Home inspired Saved By The Bell kits” to your package. You can check out the pun-tastic menu at the pop-up’s official website.

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Visitors will also get a chance to take photos on recreated sets from the show, from the halls of Bayside High to The Max itself. If you plan on heading out, though, don’t wait to book your slot. Space is limited.

The experience will be held at 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. In Chicago, it will be held at 1939 North Ave. And in New York City, you can find it at 1540 Broadway. Prices vary at each location, from as low as $20 in Los Angeles to $30 in New York.

Just make sure you avoid getting too close to other classmates and any principals who have way too much free time on their hands. The only thing you want to catch at Bayside is a good time.

Featured Image: Saved by the Max

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