Jimmy Dean Cooked Up Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper for Christmas

Normally our Christmas lists only include the presents we want, without a thought on how we want them wrapped. That’s going to change this year, though, because Jimmy Dean has cooked up something extra silly—and extra weird—for this holiday season. Forget eggnog and and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. This year on Christmas morning, you’re going to awaken to the savory scent of sausage in the air. But it won’t be coming from the kitchen. That sausage smell will be coming from under your tree, thanks to this new scented wrapping paper.

This year, Jimmy Dean is holding a Recipe Gift Exchange (which we learned about at Foodbeast), where customers who make one of their participating recipes can submit photos of their finished meal to get a free gift. Those presents include an ornament, apron, and an album from musician Jimmy Dean. There’s also a grand prize diamond-encrusted gold belt replica of the one Jimmy Dean wore, valued at $10,000.But the item we expect to be the most popular is the limited edition sausage-scented wrapping paper, not only because it’s a fun, strange item, but because it can help cover up the stench of any gifts that stink. Even if you give a dud of a gift, wrapping paper that smells like breakfast sausage can help mask the distasteful present.We hate to be greedy with our letters to Santa, but we bet his elves enjoy wrapping our presents a lot more this year. Well, maybe not the vegan elves.What would be the most appropriate gift to wrap in sausage-scented paper? Cook up your best ideas in our comments section below.

Images: Jimmy Dean

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