Watch How Flat These Cats Can Get

Cats are little, lovable freaks of nature who are adored, in part, for their bizarre behavior, which includes constantly knocking stuff over for no reason, as well as clawing at those who dare to pet them incorrectly (or at all). They also, of course, astound because of their ability to seemingly squeeze themselves into impossibly small spaces, so much so that cats being liquid has become a meme. But when it comes to going flat, just how flat can cats go? This video has the answer!

Laughing Squid picked up on the video of the masterful cat flattening, which was posted to YouTube by user mugumogu. For those unfamiliar, mugumogu is the owner of two cats, Hana and Maru—the two felines featured in this experiment—who showcases the pair on YouTube and Instagram getting themselves into all kinds of mischief. By the way, that Instagram account—linked below—has about 266,000 followers.

As you’ve already guessed, mugumogu decided to set up the experiment to find out “How flat can cats become?” To answer that timeless philosophical question, mugumogu assembled a small cardboard guillotine-type door that could slowly be lowered centimeter by centimeter. Once the cardboard door was set up, mugumogu coaxed the two kitties back and forth between the bottom of the cardboard panel and the floor until reaching a slit that neither Hana nor Maru could traverse.

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本当の面白さを知っているまる。Maru knows the real humor.

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So just how flat were the two cats able to become? Drum roll please…8 centimeters! Or about 3.2 inches. Although, for the record, Hana stopped at 10 centimeters. Also, both of these cats are a bit on the, let’s say “buff” side. But none of this matters anyway, because cats will always find a way to make it to their desired destination. They’re basically furry liquid, after all.

What do you think of this flat cat experiment? What’s the craziest spot you’ve ever seen your cat squeeze into? Let us know in the comments!

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