Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach Are The Newest Colorful Oreos

No cookie has a more iconic look than an Oreo. But how much does the sweet treat’s black and white motif really define it? Maybe not as much as you’d think, because Nabisco’s two new limited edition flavors prove that they look just as delicious with some color. Though, we’d still want to eat Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach flavor Oreos no matter what shade they came in.

The two Japanese-inspired flavors (which we first heard about at Hypebeast) look like Oreos that are ready for an Easter Egg hunt. The very colorful Sakura Matcha flavor comes with light pink, sakura-flavored (cherry blossom) cookies. Inside they have a pastel green matcha creme filling, which sounds so good we’re not sure if we want to eat it or rub it on our face.

Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach Flavors_1Nabisco

The Oolong Peach Oreos aren’t quite as colorful, but they look and sound just as delicious. They come with standard-black cookies, but they’re flavored with oolong tea. In the center there’s a peach creme that gives the Oreo its unique color.

With those flavor profiles, both cookies will likely taste less sweet than standard Oreos. They certainly look different than most Oreos we’ve had over the years. Even as more and more insane flavors have hit the market, most don’t have this kind of color explosion. But this might be a sign of things to come.

Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach Flavors_2Nabisco

Oreo recently released a limited edition red Supreme version. And because fans of the streetwear company will literally spend big bucks on anything with “Supreme” on it, they were selling for hundreds of dollars. We doubt the Sakura Matcha and Oolong Peach flavors will cost you as much, even on the secondary market. That’s the only place you will be able to get them, as they are on sale only in Hong Kong until May 1 for the equivalent of $8.50 U.S.

We’re already trying to find them. We love the look of these colorful Oreos.

Featured Image: Nabisco

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