“Supreme” Oreos Selling for Thousands on eBay

We love Oreos. Obviously. Original Oreos are perfect cookies, especially because a single serving is an entire sleeve. (Please don’t fact check that. We need to believe that’s true.) However, there are some limits to our love, specifically fiscal limits. At a certain price, we’d sooner sooner buy Hydrox than shell out a lot of cash for a few Oreos. And there’s nothing that would make us spend really big bucks for any cookie, period.

Clearly that’s not true for everyone, though. There’s one thing will make some people dig deep into their pockets for that delicious snack, and it has nothing to do with hunger. It’s the same thing that makes lots of other items suddenly spike in value–putting the word “Supreme” on them. New Supreme-branded Oreos are selling for thousands of dollars on eBay.

Supreme Oreos, a double-stuffed red version of the iconic cookie that has “Supreme” on it instead of “Oreo,” were first announced in February. It was the latest crossover promotion from the popular, billion-dollar streetwear company who has turned their brand name into a brand itself. Items with “Supreme” on it can make even the most basic items skyrocket in value. A brick is just a brick until it’s a Supreme brick. (If you don’t understand why Hasan Minhaj explained on Patriot Act why the company’s name turns items into proverbial gold.)

Now, Supreme Oreos are for sale at the company’s website. A pack of three cookies costs three dollars. That’s not an unreasonable price for a special edition cookie. At least it was before they immediately sold out. Now, as Fortune reports, people are gobbling them up for absurd prices on eBay. Seriously absurd prices. As in, “seriously, why are people spending a grand on cookies?” prices.

One person paid $1,250 on an “extremely rare” 12-pack box. Another dropped $500 for one pack, proving that you always come out ahead when you buy in bulk. This also proves you shouldn’t always jump on the first listing you see. As of now most packs are listed for as little as $10.

And that makes sense to us. We would pay that much for a three-pack.

Not because they say Supreme on them though. We just like Oreos that much.

Featured Image: Oreo/Supreme

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