THOR’s 5 Best Moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron men. Super soldiers. Genetically modified raccoons. Giant green rage monsters. Earth’s mightiest heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but only one of them is a literal god.

The leader of the Asgardians and former wielder of Mjølnir has been one of the most important members of the MCU since Phase I. It’s hard to imagine the Avengers without him, and they never would have been successful without him. From his early blonde eyebrows day as an arrogant, brash young prince to the wise king he has become, here are the five best Thor moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

THOR’s 5 Best Moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe_1

Sacrifice Leads to Redemption (Thor)

In his first film Thor was a selfish, reckless warrior who was not prepared for the crown Odin had planned to bestow on him. His impudent behavior led to him being expelled from Asgard and abandoned without his hammer on Earth. His fall was as mighty as him, but he earned redemption when he willingly sacrificed himself to save his friends and the people of Earth from his brother’s wrath. In that moment he became truly worthy to possess the power of Thor.

Bonus: Any time we have coffee in a diner we reeeeaally want to slam the empty mug on the floor and demand “another.”

Thor vs. Hulk: Round 1 (The Avengers)

Thor has always been fearless about throwing down, no matter the opponent, and he proved that when he fought Hulk in The Avengers. The best moment from this battle–a prelude to their arena battle in Ragnarok–actually came during a moment of calm. Thor patiently called for Mjølnir as Hulk was bearing down on him. Thor didn’t flinch until it arrived. And then? Hulk smashed.

Bonus: Thor (kinda) coming to his adopted brother’s defense always makes us laugh.

Not the God of Hammers (Thor: Ragnarok)

We really could have made this entry “Thor: Ragnarok – The Whole Movie” because from start to finish its Thor-fection. We’re going with this scene though because despite being one of the funniest movies in the MCU, it also packs an emotional wallop. “Are you Thor, the God of hammers?” No, he’s the God of Thunder, a fact Thor then reminds his sister of before he turns his attention to the Bifrost.

Bonus: Ragnarok has humor, action, and heart, and Thor and Loki’s elevator scene captures everything we love about both the movie and the characters.

Opens the Forge on Nidavellir (Avengers: Infinity War)

It’s fun watching superheroes do super things, and you don’t get more super than Thor taking the full blast of a freaking star. His efforts to open the forge on Nidavellir so Eitri could make him Stormbreaker was the God of Thunder at his most powerful, and his most brave. What makes the moment truly great though is he still needed help from his rabbit and tree friends. He might be mighty, but Thor knows he’s stronger as part of a team.

Bonus: Thor talking to Rocket about facing Thanos again and everything he’s lost made the theater dusty long before the Snap.

Arrival in Wakanda (Avengers: Infinity War)

It’s no surprise two Thor scenes from this movie made the list, since Chris Hemsworth was our MVP of Infinity War. Of all his great moments this might be his most glorious. Theaters around the world erupted when he arrived in Wakanda and turned the battle, as though his entire time in the MCU was building to this exact scene.

Now thing’s didn’t exactly work out in the end, but would you count him out in Endgame? We wouldn’t. All he needs is “another” shot.

Bonus: A montage of Thor’s best fight scenes? That’ll do, sweet rabbit.

Images: Marvel/Disney

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