Sad Thor Is Hasbro’s Next Build-a-Figure

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends figures are almost without fail the best action figures of their price point on the market. And there are just so many of them! Wave after wave hit store shelves and online retailers every year, and be they movie-accurate or comics-inspired, they rule. (I personally have been collecting their X-Men comics figures lately to the detriment of my bank account.) One thing that ensures Hasbro’s success is the inclusion of a Build-a-Figure piece in each figure in a particular wave. Even if you don’t want comics Malekith, you’ll buy it to get Cull Obsidian‘s right arm.

But the newest wave, announced at Comic-Con this year, has a Build-a-Figure you won’t mind spending over $120 to get: Sad Thor, a.k.a. Lebowski Thor, from Avengers: Endgame.

We absolutely loved Thor’s arc that began in Ragnarok, got stronger in Avengers: Infinity War, and reached its climax in Endgame. And we loved it because of how deeply distraught our favorite cocky Asgardian became. When Hulk and Rocket reached him in New Asgard, he was, well, not doing so hot. His new form led to Tony Stark’s absolutely accurate Lebowski crack—ponch, hoodie, bathrobe, shades, and scraggly hair and beard are all on display in Hasbro’s figure. He comes with two heads, and Stormbreaker just for fun.

In order to get the Thor figure, you’ll need to collect the six other figures in the line. But guess what: you won’t mind. Battle-ready Valkyrie? Yes please. Heimdall? Why wouldn’t we want an Idris Elba action figure? Iron Man Mark LXXXV complete with Infinity Stone gauntlet? Of course. Vision? Sure, why not? Iron Patriot? Only HELL YES. And of course, Captain America, complete with America’s ass.

When the lamest figure in your line is Vision, you know it’s a good one. No word yet on when these figures will hit shelves, but we can bet they won’t stay there long. Thor alone is with the price.

Image: Marvel

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