Sabine Wren’s AHSOKA Helmet Joins Hasbro Pulse’s Black Series Collection

Mandalorian helmets might be made of beskar steel, but they rock. They’re stylish, imposing, and, most importantly, work. They are a tangible testament to the galaxy far, far away’s fearsome armored warriors. Now one of the most famous, most important, and most artistic members of that legendary civilization is getting her very own high-end Hasbro Black Series replica helmet. Fans of Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka will soon be able to take home a full-sized electronic recreation of Sabine Wren’s colorful Mandalorian helmet.

Sabine Wren helmet on display, facing side, from Hasbro Pulse Black Series Collection

Hasbro Pulse’s newest full-sized roleplaying Black Series Star Wars helmet recreates Sabine Wren’s signature headgear. This replica is based on Sabine’s customized live-action Nite Owl-style Mandalorian helmet as it appears on Ahsoka. ( The Nite Owls are a famous clan led by Bo-Katan Kryze, and their helmets have a sleek eye design, unlike Din Djarin’s more traditional T-shaped eye slot.)

This detailed collectible Sabine Wren helmet features a heads-up display that lights up, a rangefinder for pretending to send guided missiles, and a padded interior for comfort because no one wants their head to hurt while fighting stormtroopers. The helmet’s paint job also bears a weathered combat look. It celebrates the great artist’s own style and flair while also showing she’s still a warrior.

Sabine Wren helmet facing forward on display replica from Hasbro

Hasbro Pulse’s Star Wars The Black Series Sabine Wren Electronic Helmet will cost $131.99 and is already available for pre-order. It currently has a targeted shipment date of September 15. (Hasbro says the exact shipping date could change in either direction.)

This will make for a great gift for Star Wars fans of all ages. However, because of its small parts, it’s not recommended for youngsters under three. Don’t worry, though, Grogu was able to begin his Mandalorian training without a helmet, so that shouldn’t hold them back. Besides, they can always celebrate Sabine Wren by drawing a picture of her helmet. Both are great ways to pay tribute to Mandalore’s best artist warrior.

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