Ranking the Best Mandalorian Helmets in STAR WARS

Ever since Boba Fett’s appearance, fans have wanted to see other cool helmets just like his. Well, it took several decades, but thanks to TV series like The Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, we’ve now seen many variations on the iconic Mandalorian helmet design. We’re ranking our favorites, from the best Mandalorian helmet to the least memorable. And we’re only ranking those Mandos with speaking roles in the various series—not background characters. We’re also not ranking characters from comics or games, only the live-action movies and series and animated series.

1. Gar Saxon (First Appearance: Star Wars Rebels, 2016)

Gar Saxon, the Mandalorian acolyte of Darth Maul, as seen on The Clone Wars season seven.

He’s not the most well-known Mandolarian, but for our money, Gar Saxon has the coolest helmet, hands down. It’s a cross between a traditional Mando helmet, and the face tattoos and color scheme of Darth Maul. After Maul killed Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla in The Clone Wars, he took the Darksaber for himself and became leader of Vizsla’s sect. His Mandalorian lieutenant, Gar Saxon, repainted his helmet to match Maul’s and even added head spikes. It’s two great tastes that go great together.

Saxon later replaced it in Rebels with one that looked like a red skull (how very Marvel), but it just was not as intimidating. Technically, that helmet came first canonically, as Saxon appeared on Rebels before the final season of The Clone Wars. We just like the Maul-inspired look better.

2. Pre Vizsla (First Appearance: The Clone Wars, 2010)

Pre Vizsla of Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist cell, from The Clone Wars.

Pre Vizsla was pretty much Mando royalty. A descendant of Tarre Vizla, the first Mandalorian Jedi and mythic figure to their culture, Pre Vizsla was the first character to wield the Darksaber in The Clone Wars. As the leader of the terrorist cell Death Watch, his gray and blue helmet had the symbol of the Watch. Not to mention the two large antennae coming from the sides make him look like an intimidating alien insect. Too bad Pre Vizsla literally lost his helmet. Oh, and his head along with it.

3. Bo-Katan Kryze (First Appearance: The Clone Wars, 2012)

the hemet of Mandalorian Nite Owl Bo Katan Kryze, in animation and live-action.

Bo-Katan of House Kryze is the born ruler of Mandalore. As a member of the all-female Mandalorian squad the Nite Owls, her visor design is a deviation from a traditional Mando visor. It is slanted to appear more like a real-world snowy owl. This distinct look makes Bo stand out from the rest of her people. It’s a memorable, graceful, and elegant design.

4. Boba Fett (First Animated Appearance: The Star Wars Holiday Special, 1978, First Live-action appearance: The Empire Strikes Back, 1980)

Boba Fett, from the Star Wars Holiday Special to the Empire Strikes Back to the Book of Boba Fett.

We take him for granted now, but the reason we love Mandalorians so much is because of how cool Boba Fett’s armor looked when he first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. Even his “prototype” cartoon look from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special was badass. The initial Boba design came from future Rocketeer and Captain America director Joe Johnston, then a concept artist at ILM, and he struck gold with the look. The design features a rugged, fatigue-looking color scheme and a battle-weary look. It all was instantly iconic. Other Mandalorians may have surpassed Boba as a character, but few can top this initial design.

5. Sabine Wren (First Appearance: Star Wars Rebels, 2014)

Sabine Wren, Mandalorian and graffitti artist, as seen in Star War: Rebels.

Sabin Wren was a young freedom fighter and one of the main characters in Star Wars Rebels. A Mandalorian by birth, she was also a talented artist. So her armor, which was passed down to her, had elements of her brightly colored stylings on it. In fact, Sabine changed the helmet colors and details several times over the years. Sometimes it was purple and pink, other times it had shades of orange. The fact that she gave it so much colorful flavor is why we love it so much.

6. The Armorer (First Appearance: The Mandalorian, 2019)

The Mandalorian Armorer, as seen on both The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian.

The leader of the Children of the Watch, a nomadic tribe of orthodox Mandalorians, the Armorer’s helmet is the most medieval-looking of all the main Mando characters. Something about this imposing Beskar helmet looks like it belongs in a museum with armor from the Middle Ages. Or maybe even an ancient Greek army. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s all bronze, or maybe it’s the small horns coming off the top. Was she a former acolyte of Darth Maul perhaps? Regardless, it’s badass-looking.

7. Din Djarin (First Appearance: The Mandalorian, 2019)

Dan Djarin, bounty hunter, caretaker of Grogu, wielder of the Darksaber, and the Mandalorian.

Din Djarin is the lead character on The Mandalorian, so he’s now perhaps the most famous character who wears a Mandalorian helmet forged from Beskar steel. But while we don’t think the helmet of Grogu’s one and only daddy is the best one of them all, it is maybe the sleekest. The chrome look oozes cool, and the lack of any extra colors or added details keeps things simple and stylish. As the wielder of the Darksaber, Din might ascend to Mandalorian royalty at some point. If he does, then he already has the perfect helmet for it.

8. Jango Fett (First Appearance: Attack of the Clones, 2002)

Jango Fett, bounty hunter template for the Clone Army, and father of Boba Fett.

Jango was the Mandalorian bounty hunter whose body became the template for the Republic Army in Attack of the Clones. Jango’s helmet was technically the same as his son Boba’s. But its color scheme and overall look are different enough to count as its own entry. It features the same essential design as Boba’s. However, since it’s earlier in the Star Wars timeline, the color scheme of silver and blue is a lot sleeker looking. If Boba’s helmet is a beat-up Jeep driving through the jungle, then his dad’s was a flashy sports car.

9. Fenn Rau (First Appearance: Star Wars Rebels, 2015)

Mandalorian pilot Fenn Rau, as seen on Star Wars: Rebels.

Fenn Rau was a Mandalorian Protector on Concord Dawn, a pilot who flew alongside the Republic as a part of Skull Squadron. Later, he worked for the Empire. Ultimately, after his whole squad was killed, he turned on the Empire and joined the Rebellion. He wore two helmets on Rebels. The first helmet was black, blue, and white, with a red insignia on the brow. The second look had gold elements. It’s a cool helmet, and we only rank it so low because the others are more memorable.

10. Paz Vizsla (First Appearance: The Mandalorian, 2019)

Paz Vizsla of the Children of the Watch, as seen on The Mandalorian.

Paz Vizsla, one of the Armorer’s loyal soldiers, is a relative of Pre Vizla, and therefore another descendant of the great Tarre Vizla. Nothing about the navy blue and gray color scheme or the visor design on Paz’s helmet really stands out from those of other Mandos. The only thing that makes Paz stick out in a crowd is how tall and wide he is, like a Mandalorian linebacker. But his helmet design is pretty basic. Still cool, it’s just that everyone else’s is cooler.

As more seasons of The Mandalorian unfold, we are sure to see even more versions of this iconic helmet. Will a new character yet emerge to wear the coolest Mando helmet of all? We’re sure we are far from seeing every variation.

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