Tired of Cleaning? These Rube Goldberg Contraptions Are for You

It’s hard to find the time to clean. The work week is long and full of terrors and chores are kryptonite for free nights. You may be able to cut down your cleaning time, however, if you get inventive like YouTuber and weird-machine builder Joseph Herscher. In his newest video the inventor offers a look at some fascinating(?) cleaning contraptions. Ones that would fit right in in Rube Golderg’s house.

Herscher, who’s created all kinds of Rube Goldberg-ian machines in the past—including this Thanksgiving Day meal maker—recently posted the above video to his channel. The builder, who goes by Joseph’s Machines online, has seemingly perfected the art of making mildly useful yet massively entertaining household objects. Although for our money these cleaning contraptions are his most hilarious.

A Rube Goldberg cleaning contraption consisting of an RC car, watering pot and hair dryers cleaning up a mess on a wood floor.

Joseph’s Machines

In the video Herscher shows off a handful cleaning contraptions including the Super Spill Drill and the Bulldozer Mop. Each one of the cleaners has its own specialty, although they’re both fairly useless. The Spill Drill, for example, uses a power drill to spin a roll of paper towel as you clean. Which seems to conserve upper body movement, but also hugely waste paper towels. The Bulldozer mop, likewise, cleans in the most “kinda” sense of the word. Plus with its watering can and dual hair dryers, it looks like a fun little way to start a fire!

A dog with mops on its feet cleaning a floor

Joseph’s Machines

What undoubtedly takes the cake for creativity, however, has got to be the Joseph Cleans 3000. Herscher reveals the cleaning suit (our term) at a minute-and-a-half in and it’s glorious. The suit consists of Edward Scissorhands-like gloves that have both electric toothbrush fingers and sponge fingers. The suit also has hand-vacuum shoes and a watering can that hangs off one’s neck. There’s also a treat dispenser on the rear of the suit for a dog with mops on its legs. The dog does a horrible job cleaning, of course, but at least it cleans up the treats.

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