New Roman Colosseum Is LEGO’s Largest Brick Set Ever

The Venerable Saint Bede once said, “Rome will exist as long as the Colosseum does; when the Colosseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.” I don’t know about that, but just in case that is true we’re probably in good shape. Not because marble can’t crumble, though. It’s because that symbol of Roman might will now live on in homes around the world. LEGO‘s highly-detailed new set—it’s biggest ever—is a recreation worthy of the legacy of the Roman Empire.

The massive, record-shattering new 9,036-piece LEGO Colosseum measures measures over 10.5-inches tall, 20.5-inches wide, and 23.5-inches deep. It will now carry the mantle of the biggest brick collectible in the company’s history, taking the title from the gigantic Millennium Falcon set.

The set recreates many details of the original Roman amphitheatre. It features three stories from the Colosseum and has Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns. LEGO also used “a variety of creative building techniques” on the set. That includes “decorative volutes that have been created using a recoloured LEGO roller skate element that has been turned upside down to create an authentic look.”

The set also has 80 “ribs” in the spectator stands, just like the original. And the collection also employs three different shades of brick for maximum authenticity.

New Roman Colosseum is LEGO's Largest Brick Set Ever_1LEGO

The set also spins. From the official announcement:

“The LEGO Colosseum rests on an oval base, allowing this phenomenal 360-degree display piece to be shown off from any angle. Builders can then choose which side of this magnificent LEGO Brick recreation of one of Rome’s most visited landmarks they display—whether that’s the southern side of the building, which has been destroyed by various earthquakes and natural disasters over the years, or the more complete northern wall. Colosseum features arches, that have been recreated with LEGO brick detailing, allowing a view into the centre of the Colosseum from the outside, just like its real-life counterpart.”

New Roman Colosseum is LEGO's Largest Brick Set Ever_2LEGO

LEGO VIP members will be able to order an exclusive model during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. It comes with a limited-edition Roman Chariot bonus. You can sign up to the VIP Program for free, either in stores or online. The LEGO Colosseum will be available to all customers on November 27 at and LEGO Stores. Of course, a set like this has a massive price tag to match, $549.99.

Don’t worry if yours every falls down, though. The world will just be fine. LEGO bricks are easier to put back together than marble.

Featured Image: LEGO

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