The Rolling Stones Age From 1962-2018 In Amazing Timelapse of Their Musical Career

There might never be another musical act quite like The Rolling Stones, one of the all-time great bands currently in their sixth decade together.

They’ve been around for so long that people have been calling them old for longer than most successful groups entire runs last. After 56 years (and counting) though, it can be hard even for people who have followed them from the start of their iconic career to remember they actually were young once upon a time. But you can now appreciate just how much they’ve changed over half a century thanks to this amazing timelapse video that uses 3D effects to show how they have looked every single year from 1962 until today, and it’s all set to their music from every era.

This comprehensive montage, that we came across at Laughing Squid, was put together by YouTuber Angel Nene using studio images and live concert footage, as well as photos from interviews, documentaries, tour moments, and celebrity events.

Seeing the entire history of the group laid out like this is striking in unexpected ways, like seeing how the ways their personal styles have and haven’t changes. And while it’s obviously fascinating watching someone whose lived as notorious a life as Keith Richards age, it’s just as stunning to see how stable the band has been over such a long period of time. Bands break up every day, even hugely successful ones, but they clearly unlocked the secret to getting along. Plus, even though some consider them the greatest band ever, it’s still amazing being reminded of just how much great music they’ve made.

Great rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t age, just the people playing it.

What stood out to you watching them age year-to-year? We know you can’t always get what you want, but we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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