This Robotic Arm Is Made Entirely of Dark Chocolate

A robotic arm made out of 90 pounds of dark chocolate—now that’s an overlord I can get behind. Amaury Guichon of the Pastry Academy in Las Vegas assembled the intricate build. More than just a massive feat of engineering and dessert, the detailing is perfect down to flexible hoses, silver grates, and even the brand’s initials on the chocolate bolts. He uses molds of gears, a programmable cutter, and other tricks to get everything just right. Even the glue holding everything together is chocolate. At least in this case, if the robots rise up against us, we can just eat our way to safety.

We first saw this amazing chocolate sculpture on Laughing Squid. It’s over five feet tall and the claw fully articulates. Once the dark chocolate is assembled, it’s almost sad to see it get airbrushed (with edible paint of course). But the yellow frame with black detailing and silver “metal” components is perfect. We’d certainly mistake it for the real thing.

Amaury Guichon’s YouTube channel and Instagram feed are full of remarkable creations, all made of dessert items. The chocolate Luxo desk lamp has similar articulating joints. But there’s everything from a super-sized eight foot tall chocolate giraffe to a hyper realistic giant squid. All look both delicious and too good to eat. I really wonder what happens to them after the pictures are taken and social media posts go up. Right now, I want nothing more than to bite into the hosing of this robot arm.

A five foot robotic arm made entirely of chocolate and a picture of it before being painted yellow
Amaury Guichon

Non-chocolate robotic arms have also made news recently. There’s some programmed to play the cello, others that grab samples from the bottom of the ocean, and some that play chess. We wish they all could be chocolate. 

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