THE BATMAN: First Look at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit

Fans have waited with bated breath to get their first look at the newest iteration of the Batsuit. Today, Matt Reeves finally teased the look that Robert Pattinson will sport in The Batman in a short camera test video the director posted on Twitter.

The Batman – Camera Test from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.

In the 56 second long clip, we see a blurry Pattinson under an eerie red light. As the camera focuses, we get a close up on his chest and a minimally designed Bat-logo which seems to be made up of two bat-a-rangs. So far, so tactical Nolan/Snyder-style Batman.

But what really got us excited was the reveal of Pattinson in the iconic cowl. Gone is the thick rubber and shapeless mask of the past; here, it’s a thin, face-hugging creation that showcases the actor’s stern jawline and scowl. One of the most interesting things here is that the stitching on the mask is clearly visible, implying that it’s some kind of soft, more pliable material. Perhaps leather or some other fabric?

We also see a hint of defined and moulded eyebrows, something that immediately stands out from other versions of Batman’s cowl. But the video stops before we get the chance to see just how long the ears of the mask go. It’s an interesting choice, and one that makes this particular Bat-fan think that we might be getting a Kelley Jones inspired long, spindly eared cowl that would be too much of a talking point to reveal this early in the game.

Get Your First Look at THE BATMAN as Matt Reeves Unveils Robert Pattinson's Batsuit_1

Matt Reeves/DC/Warner Bros.

The tangible and practical nature of this suit feels exciting, and not so tactical that it feels completely militarized and boring like so many contemporary super-suits. So what can this suit tell us? Nothing concrete, that’s for sure. But we can confirm that Pattinson has a jawline that appropriately fits the cowl, and looks like it could knock a rouge out on its own. Also, the red lights and ominous tone fit into the alleged noir-themed version of the story Matt Reeves has been working on for all these years.

Speculation-wise, we’re immediately drawn to those stitches on the cowl. The more handmade and almost ’40s look of it hint at something a little stranger than we’ve seen before. Maybe The Batman will take inspiration from the most beloved iteration of the Dark Knight, Batman: The Animated Series? We could see this suit existing in a Gotham filled with airships and searchlights. The sprawling cast of classic characters, including Catwoman, the Riddler, and the Penguin, fits into a living and breathing Gotham that is filled with the Caped Crusader’s most famous foes. Plus, we know that Zoë Kravitz has taken on Selina Kyle’s iconic pixie cut, which is best known for featuring in Darwyn Cooke’s vintage leaning takes on the DC Universe.

Currently, our bets are on some kind of dark, quasi-steampunk, very-much- BTAS-inspired take that will likely push the boundaries of what fans are expecting from The Batman.

Featured Image: Matt Reeves/DC/Warner Bros.

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