You Can Now Turn Yourself into a RICK AND MORTY Character

There’s still a part of me that doesn’t believe Rick and Morty‘s fifth season will premiere on June 20. As both a fan and someone who writes about the show, it’s hard to believe we don’t have to wait two-plus years between seasons. But Adult Swim swears it will air new episodes this month, roughly one year after the series finished season four. But maybe it’s time to finally let myself enjoy this quick production turnaround. Because the network is celebrating its hit animated series’s return by letting all of us become a part of the Rick and Morty multiverse. You can now make an avatar of yourself that looks like a character on the show. And you can even turn yourself into an alien.

Five human and alien characters drawn in the style of Rick and Morty, all against a black backgroundAdult Swim

Oooooooh wee this is fun. Adult Swim’s “ Rick Yourself” website lets you build customized Rick and Morty characters. That includes letting you make an animated avatar of yourself. You can remain a human, one of the many alien species on the show, or a robot. First you start with a base body. That can be anything from a normal Earth man or woman, to a giant pickle. (In case you want to avoid family therapy.) Depending on your choice, you can then select from a wide-selection of torsos, arms, and legs. You can even select two totally different arms if you want.

From there pick your head shape, which again can be human, alien, or robot. (Or, technically, alien-robot). Then add the right—or wrong—eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and facial hair. And tif you like you can even pick from a few extras. You can become a Gazorpian. Or, my favorite, hang out with a cool jazz snake musician.

“Rick Yourself” is just one way Adult Swim is celebrating “ Rick and Morty Day” when the show returns on June 20. Spanning TV, social media, and online, the virtual event will also include episode marathons, bonus content, behind-the-scenes looks, and more.

So yeah. This really is happening. Rick and Morty is coming back much sooner than I can believe. Guess my avatar should look pleasantly surprised.

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