RICK AND MORTY’s “Pass The Butter” Robot is Now a Real Thing

What makes Rick and Morty such an amazingly good show (aside from everything else about it), is all the off-the-wall devices Rick comes up with. One such invention is the robot he makes, seemingly without effort, whose sole purpose is to pass the butter to Rick (from the opening scene of the first season’s ninth episode, “Something Ricked This Way Comes”). The difference between this device and so many of the others depicted in the show is that, aside from its seemingly advanced artificial intelligence and sense of awareness, the pass the butter robot could conceivably be created in real life.

That’s just what one inventive fan did, and he demonstrated his creation in a video that’s making the rounds ( via Uproxx).

In the original scene, Rick finishes tinkering with the robot, and when it comes to life, he tells it to pass the butter.

When the device again asks Rick what its purpose is and Rick responds, “You pass butter,” the robot has an existential crisis, looks down at its wheels and defeatedly says, “Oh my god.”

The real-life pass the butter robot does precisely that: Its creator asks it to pass the butter and reassures it that its existence has no meaning beyond that one simple task. Creating the robot, much like Rick’s origin, appears to have been a task not quite as simple: It’s based on a I-spy Mini Wireless Wifi App-control Spy Tank RC Car and 3D-printer parts, and it even recites the dialogue directly from the episode.

Check it out above, and to the first Rick and Morty fan able to recreate the show’s portal gun and help humanity travel between dimensions, we’ll be super proud of you.

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