Hear the Full RICK AND MORTY End Credits Song from Last Night’s Episode

Last night’s episode of Rick and Morty was a winner, confronting problems of dealing with the less desirable parts of yourself that are perhaps more necessary than you thought they were. Of course, as is par for the course with this third season, there was plenty of absurdity to balance the heavier and more dramatic elements. This time around, perhaps the most bizarre comedic counterweight came at the very end of the episode.

You may have noticed during the credits that a really strange song was playing. Well now, we have the whole thing, the entirety of “Terryfold” by Chaos Chaos featuring Justin Roiland.

The minimal R&B-leaning song is actually pretty fun musically, like a ridiculous mix of Vulfpeck, Mac DeMarco, and Midnite Vultres era Beck. The main draw, though, are the lyrics, which are almost exclusively about grabbing “Terry fold flaps,” “flappy folds,” “foldy flaps,” and other variations on the theme. Here’s a way to make yourself laugh: Read the lyrics out loud like they’re a poem or something (we’d argue that they’re poetry):


Grab my Terry fold flaps
Grab my flappy folds
Grab my Terry folds
Grab my foldy flaps

Hey touch my foldy flaps
Grab my Terry folds
Grab my foldy holds
Grab my Terry flaps
In my Terry folds
Grab my Terry flaps

Ya Gotta touch ‘em
My Terry Folds.

Grab my Terry folds
Touch my holdy flaps
Take a big flap
Take my foldy flaps.

My Terry folds
My foldy holds
And my Terry flaps
Gotta grab my Terry flaps

Grab my Terry flaps
Squeeze my holdy folds
Hold my coldy folds
Grab my foldy tolds

Grab my Terry flap holds
Grab my Terry folds
Hold my foldy folds
Hold my Terry folds

Hey, did you ever want to hold a Terry fold?
I got one right here
Grab a Terry flap
Squeeze it
Grab it,
Squeeze it, Tug on my Terry Flap

Hey I want to take you to
The Terry fold dance, want to come with me?
You can grab my holdy folds
Squeeze ‘Em, tight

You son of a b***h!

Suck my holdy flappy folds,
Lick my flappy foldy holds,

My Terry flaps, in your mouth,
Suck my flaps you piece of **t!

F**k You!
You stupid god motherf**king b***h.

Hey, Grab my Terry flaps
Gonna eat those toldy folds

I got a couple of Terry fold flaps
I got a flappy foldy flap
I’m gonna go take you to food gonna eat
then we’re going to the Terry fold dance

You and me, we’re gonna go to the Terry fold place
It’s gonna be a night out
Gonna have a real fancy time.”

Is this a banger on the level of “Get Schwifty,” or nah? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Featured image: Adult Swim

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