RICK AND MORTY Directors Discuss How They Make the Show

It’s hard to swing a talking cat without hitting a Rick and Morty fan. But even the most ardent admirers of the show may not know how Rick and Morty is actually produced. So here to help those who need a little behind-the-scenes education on the iconic series are Rick and Morty‘s directors themselves.

The above compilation of interviews with Rick and Morty‘s directors was recently posted to Adult Swim’s YouTube channel. And while the BTS explainer features a handful of the series’ directors, Adult Swim notes the focus is on storyboard artist, Erica Hayes.

According to Adult Swim’s description of the video, Hayes was promoted from storyboard artist to director during the series’ latest season. The video’s description adds that Hayes was working as a coffee barista only six years prior to her recent promotion to director.

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An early illustration of Pickle Rick. Adult Swim 

Aside from Hayes, the show’s other directors, including Bryan Newton, Jacob Hair, and Anthony Chun, also talk about how they direct the animation for each episode. “In animation directing, you don’t have the benefit of actors or a crew,” Newton says in the video, adding that “it’s all up to [the director] to convey that through a visual medium…”

Multiple directors discuss how they like to act out the movements and facial expressions of the characters in order to get them right. “Every artist brings a little bit of themselves into each character,” Newton says. He points out that since he’s had Rick in his head for so long, he feels like a lot of himself gets translated into the character.

“We live and die by our directors,” Dan Harmon, who created the show with Justin Roiland, says in the video. He adds that, in terms of the show’s visuals, the directors are in charge of every frame.

What do you think about this BTS clip of Rick and Morty‘s directors talking about how they make the show? Are you feeling more enlightened, or would you prefer Professor Poopybutthole explain the process to you? Get animated in the comments, people!

Feature image: Adult Swim 

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