Check Out Exclusive Pages from the Upcoming THE ART OF RICK AND MORTY Book

Rick and Morty is a show in which our protagonists have the ability to explore an infinite amount of universes, and while we haven’t seen all of them yet (because that’s impossible, due, you know, to the never ending nature of infinity), we sure have some across a lot of stuff so far. It seems like every new episode introduces an intricate and interesting new character, gadget, or location that must have taken a lot of time to conceptualize and design.

The show’s art is one of its biggest appeals, and it will soon be honored with the new book, The Art of Rick and Morty, via Dark Horse Comics. We previously got an exclusive look at the cover, although it has changed since then: The background has been simplified, and there’s now a glow-in-the-dark version:

Now, thanks to Dark Horse, we have an exclusive sneak peek at what the inside of the book will look like. Check out six exclusive pages, which show off some of Rick’s gadgets, how to draw Beth, and how not to draw Morty.

Dark Horse Dark Horse Dark Horse

The Art of Rick and Morty comes out on September 12th, and can be pre-ordered via a variety of retailers right here. That link also includes some more preview pages, so check those out as well and let us know in the comments below how schwifty this makes you feel.

Images: Dark Horse

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