Do Rey and Kylo Ren’s Identical Lightsaber Moves in THE LAST JEDI Confirm Reylo is Real?

Rey and Kylo Ren were connected in The Last Jedi in a way never before seen in the galaxy far, far away, but that wasn’t enough for some.

Many fans hope Episode IX will make their Star Warsshipping” dreams come true by making “ Reylo” a rey-ality. Is it merely wishful thinking though that two enemies will find love in each other’s arms, or is it their destiny to end up together? The answer might already have been found in the unlikeliest of places–their lightsaber fighting techniques, which might prove they are already paired up together even if they don’t know it.

On this edition of Nerdist News Jessica Chobot explains how the discovery of one Tumblr user could mean the future of Kylo and Rey’s relationship is already written, after they realized her lightsaber moves on Ahch-To were identical to the ones Ben Solo later used against his uncle Luke on Crait. Do these movements show they are already connected on a deeper level than even they might realize, or is it just a coincidence? It wouldn’t be the first time the franchise used similar imagery to connect events and people. And why might The Force Awakens’ junior novelization be yet another clue in what will happen with this “will-they-or-won’t-they” twosome?

Does any of this guarantee Reylo is gonna happen-O? No-o, but if you’re hoping to see them come together as one and bring balance to the Force, this definitely tilts the odds in your favor.

What do you think? Does this prove Rey and Kylo Ren will end up together, or do you think one of them is more likely to make it so the other needs a mechanical arm? Give us your best theory in the comments below on what will happen with them.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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