Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair

Regal Robot has announced new collectibles for this year’s Star Wars Celebration, but you might need to win big at the sabacc table to bring a couple of them home. That is if you can grab them before they sell out.

This year the galaxy far, far away is heading to Chicago for the annual Star Wars Celebration. Starting on April 11, it will bring together fans from around the world, many of whom are going to go home with lots of great goodies, but with a lot less Galactic credits. That’s definitely going to be true for anyone who stops by Regal Robot booth. The officially-licensed collectible company is introducing four new pieces for this year’s event, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

Life-sized Chewbacca Bust – Signature Edition

Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair_1

This incredibly realistic, 1:1 scale bust of our favorite fuzzball looks like it’s going to roar to life. “Based on his appearance in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, this new collectible was developed with access to an original production-made face skin and teeth castings, along with hands-on examination of the original costume, mask, and hair used in the original trilogy films.” Limited to only 50 pieces total, each with “carefully hand-glued FX style hair” and “custom acrylic prosthetic eyes, translucent resin teeth with silicone tongue, and a display stand” signed by the original Chewie, Peter Mayhew, this beautiful bust can be ordered now, while supplies last, for $2,499.00.

Emperor Throne Executive Desk Chair

Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair_2

Rule your home or office with this new, scaled down model of their living room armchair based on Palpatine’s own chair. “Designed with added function,” including an adjustable height, wheels, and a rocking base, this “two-tone faux leather in black and rich purple reflect the colors of the original prop throne” in Return of the Jedi. Sitting like an emperor isn’t cheap though. This elegant, Dark Side chair can be yours for $1,299.

Tauntaun Maquette Replica Sculpture Signature Edition

Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair_3

Based on original molds, this gray and white 1:1 resin recreation of Phil Tippett’s original concept sculpture of a Tauntaun comes with “a metal plaque signed by Tippett and a sculpted, snow-themed display base.” This Signature Edition collectible has a limited run of only 250 pieces and could sell out quickly, so order yours ($699) now if you want to take one for a ride. (Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure they won’t smell bad on the outside or the inside.)

Space Slug Desk Organizer

Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair_4

It might have been a bad place to land a spaceship, but your writing utensils will be right at home with this Space Slug Desk Organizer. “Created using a detailed scan of the original prop exogorth puppet used in the film,” this hand-painted, solid resin desk organizer “comes as shown with the asteroid and slug, resin Millennium Falcon pencil topper” and a black pencil. You can get your own for $99.

Also, anyone lucky enough to be at this year’s Star Wars Celebration can stop by Regal Robot’s booth (3419) to grab their con exclusive Jabba’s Dais Gargoyle Magnet ($20).

Rule the Galaxy with Your Own STAR WARS Emperor Chair_5

Should you cheat at sabacc? No, of course not. But we’d understand if you did so you could bring these home.

Images: Regal Robot

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