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If you’re one of those DMs or players who love immersion through game components, Dice Bottles’ D&D 5e Healing Potion Kits might be a great addition to your gaming nights. Having raised over $40K on Kickstarter Dice Bottles is offering their healing potion kits through BackerKit for those who missed out on the Kickstarter, with a special $10 discount for fans of Geek & Sundry and Critical Role (if you click the BackerKit link and pick up a kit now, you’ll find the discount applied at checkout.)

Every player and DM knows that in the middle of a high-intensity combat, one of the things that can kill the tension and momentum of a scene is having to stop to flip open your books for reference. It’s worse still for something as essential and common in combat as healing potions.  Essentially, Dice Bottle’s Healing Potion Kit doubles down on in-game immersion, not only keeping a scene moving with the simple pop of a cork and the the dumping of a vial of dice, but also packaging the solution elegantly as an immersive component to represent that healing potion you’ve just downed.

Dice Bottles is offering a variety of kits, all of which make exceptional gifts for players and GMs (as well as a lovely gift for yourself – you’ve earned it, after all.)


Healing Potion Starter Vial

A single vial consisting of 10 d4s and a rustic scroll wrapped around the vial indicating how many dice you need to roll, along with the modifier, for the kind of healing potion you’re drinking. Handy, portable, and practical for any gaming night.

Basic Healing Potion Kit

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This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of room in your bag but still want a handy and stylish healing potion for use during gameplay. The potion formulas are on the underside of the lid and perfect for referencing right when you need them. It comes with 10 beautiful red dice, which is enough even for the supreme potion.

Pro Healing Potion Kit


This is the deluxe set that comes with a dice tower and four perfectly sized vials each representing the potion that your character, or companions, will be drinking. The lid doubles as a rolling surface and includes the formulas for each of the potions. Also, you can get the hand-painted tokens that make it easy to hand off potions to others without worrying if they know the formulas or not. It comes with 24 beautiful d4 dice, each portioned out exactly to match the potion sizes in the game.

The story of Dice Bottle’s founder Jonathan Ross is one a lot of fans can relate to, starting with discovering Critical Role and becoming a fan. As he described himself:

“I’ve always been a geek and enjoyed tabletop gaming, and growing up I had heard about D&D but never was around anybody that was playing. It wasn’t until the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel launched that I actually got to see it played. My curiosity drove me to watch Critical Role the first day it was broadcast. As I watched the show over the first few months I eventually put in the effort to find a place to play it myself. I’ve since played in a few adventure league groups and really enjoy the opportunities I get to live in another world with friends, doing outlandish and witty things. My passion just keeps growing for this game and I found a way to contribute to the community.”

Being a fan of Geek & Sundry and Critical Role, Jonathan has put together a fantastic offer for other fans. Preorder your kit today with Backerkit using the URL you’ll get $10 off of your order with the code GEEKANDSUNDRY applied at checkout. The discount isn’t going to last long, as the Backerkit will be closing soon, so you better hurry!

Image Credits: Dice Bottles, Geek & Sundry

Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post.

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