REEL LOVE FEST Will Honor the Legacy of On-Screen Love

We’re sucker for film festivals here at Nerdist. And even though they currently feel like relics from a different era, there are still so many to look forward to, especially now that virtual film-watching is an option. One upcoming festival we can’t wait to check out is the Reel Love Fest. It’s a unique one, in that it’s really just one big love fest. Quite literally.

Reel Love Fest is a new event dedicated to “honoring the future of love on screen and its profound cinematic legacy thus far.” Even better? It’s coming just in time for Valentine’s Day 2021. The virtual film fest will run from February 10 through February 14 of next year. And it comes with some fest credibility, as it was founded by the veterans of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, North Bend Film Festival, and the recent virtual festival Nightstream.

Looking for a little extra love to add to your life? Then you won’t want to miss this five-day event.

A banner for the Reel Love Film Fest.

“The original concept of the festival came to me a few years back. But after the tumultuous year that 2020 has been, we felt the need for an event that showcases love right now,” said Joseph Hernandez, Reel Love Fest Founder and Director of Programming. “Our goal is to establish Reel Love as the premier fest for love stories on the festival circuit. And more than anything, we hope to bring people together through an annual celebration of what ties us all together: love.”

Reel Love Fest will provide a prestigious international showcase of films across all genres. The films explore the varied and complicated experiences of real love. And it couldn’t come at a better time. We’re all craving human connection right now. What better way to celebrate than with films that celebrate our unique relationship to one another?

Feature and short film submissions for Reel Love Fest are now open here on FilmFreeway. We’ll have more information about programming and events as they become available.

Featured Image: Reel Love Film Festival

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