The Real-Life THE CONJURING House Is for Sale

Anyone out there ever see The Conjuring and say, “Man, I would like to live in a super creepy home that was cursed by an evil witch?” Well then, you’re in luck. The real-life New England house which inspired the events of James Wan’s classic ghost story is now up for sale. For a cool $1,200,000, you can now buy the circa 1826 farmhouse—the same home which once terrorized the Perron family back in the ’70s.

The 14 room farmhouse has a listing up on Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty, which you can check out by clicking here. And the video below gives you a close-up view of the allegedly haunted property.

As anyone who has seen The Conjuring knows, the home is nearly 200 years old. In the mid-19th century, a woman named Bathsheba Sherman occupied the house. Legend has it that she was a witch that murdered her child. Supposedly, she did so as an offering to Satan. There is actually zero proof of any of the more horrific details, but there was a Bathsheba Sherman who lived on the property. And both she and her child died under mysterious circumstances. Whatever happened there, its lingering bad vibes was enough to terrify the Perron family for a full decade. Right up until the haunting activity forced them to finally move.

Spooky interior shot of the real-life house from The Conjuring.

Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty

Located on eight acres in Harrisville, Rhode Island, The Conjuring house is just over 3,000 square feet. It features three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. Currently, the infamous home offers overnight rentals for paranormal researchers and amateur ghost hunters. And probably just some fans of the movie who want to scare themselves silly for a weekend. Still, the real-life Perron children maintain that the fictionalized events of the film are nothing compared to the reality of the situation. So to anyone who purchases this property, well, good luck to ya. You’re certainly braver than us!

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