We’re Obsessed with This Green-Furred Puppy Named Pistachio

Do you need a dose of extreme cuteness in these very trying times? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then please let us introduce you to Pistachio. This adorable pooch was born with the extremely rare condition of having green fur. You can see a video of the emerald doggo in the video below, thanks to the folks from Inside Edition.

The verdant puppy was born in Italy, to a dog name Spelacchia. She belongs to a local Sardinian farmer by the name of Cristian Mallocci. When Spelacchia gave birth to one green puppy among her litter, it was pretty clear to her owner that Pistachio was the right name. We think it’s a far better name than “Leprechaun” or “Jade” or something. Although this nerd right here would have probably named it Bruce after the Hulk if its a boy, or Gamora if its a girl.

Rare Green Puppy Born in Italy, And He's Adorable_1

Inside Edition

All of the other puppies in the five-dog litter are white, just like their mama. A dog born with green fur is extremely rare in nature. The reasons for the strange coloring is believed to be a result of the infant puppy making contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while still inside its mother’s womb. The green coloring will likely wear off in time, and Pistachio will be just as white as its siblings. As you can see in the video, the green color is actually already starting to fade.

Mr. Mallocci has decided to give away all of the newborn puppies to new owners, but has decided to keep Pistachio for himself. And we can hardly blame him. Green is the color of luck after all, and he’ll need good luck when Pistachio grows a little bit older and helps his master herd sheep on the farm. Let’s be honest—in 2020, we could all use a bit of luck. Let’s hope Pistachio brings some to the world.

Featured Image: Inside Edition

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