Dragon Toy Reads to Puppies During Adorable Story Time

Teachers, students, and administrators around the country are trying to figure out how to safely begin the 2020-2021 school year. But the truth is there probably aren’t many good options for formal learning right now. At least not for humans. When it comes to puppies, though, this video proves there’s already a formula that works. Just let a talking toy dragon read to a litter of them.

This video shot in Redlands, California, comes from the YouTube channel ViralHog (which we first saw at Laughing Squid). It’s from April 2020, which means this might be the one good thing to come out of that month. It features Dalton the Storytelling Dragon reading to a group of four week old golden retrievers, whose interest in hearing Jack and the Beanstalk ranges from totally into it to very unimpressed.

And just like a class of human children, this reading group has some students who are much more interested in hanging out with their friends than listening to their teacher. (Even “challenging” human students would probably be enraptured by/terrified not to listen to a talking dragon if it stood in front of them.)

Talking Dragon Toy Reads to Litter of Golden Retriever Pups_1ViralHog

Not that this group was misbehaving. They were actually a very good class. Yes they were. Compare that to this other group of golden retriever pups from February. Hansel and Gretel did not interest them at all. But every teacher or classroom guest reader knows what that’s like. However, being smelled by your students as they surround you is definitely weird.

Obviously Dalton the Storytelling Dragon isn’t the answer to our 2020-2021 school year issues. Especially since stuffed animals are notoriously bad at remote teaching…. we presume. But if you need your dogs to be distracted while learning or teaching from home, Dalton might be the best teacher’s aid you can hire.

Featured Image: ViralHog

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