R.L. Stine to Reunite With Original GOOSEBUMPS Artist

Something wicked this way comes! We’ve got exciting news for fans of the classic kids horror series: Goosebumps! During a recent interview with the Something Ghoulish podcast the awesome artist who brought us nearly 100 of those terrifying and iconic covers, Tim Jacobus,  revealed that he would be teaming up with Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine once again for a mysterious new project.

According to Jacobus it’s the first time that the pair have worked together in over a decade, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to discover just what they’re crafting.”R.L. and I haven’t done anything together in about 15 years, and I can’t tell you too much about it, but we are working together again… There’s gonna be something he wrote with some of my artwork on the cover. I just recently finished it up. My part is done. My guess is, we’re looking at the usual six month turnaround. It’ll be probably the Fall. There’ll be something there for you to see.”

R.L. Stine to Reunite With Original GOOSEBUMPS Artist_1

Jacobus’ chilling painted covers defined Goosebumps and horror storytelling for many of us who grew up in the ’90s and it’s incredibly exciting to know that he and Stine are collaborating once again on something that will surely be spooky AF. As the artist said we’ll have to be patient to see the spoils of their labor but keep your eyes peeled as we’ll definitely be making sure to stay up on any scary updates from the pair.

Images: Scholastic

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