Queens Of The Stone Age Announce Album VILLAINS, Tease New Song

Update 6/14/17: Queens Of The Stone Age have announced their new album  Villains in a brand new clip directed by Liam Lynch and featuring producer Mark Ronson. During the clip the band plays a snippet of a song called “Feet Don’t Fail Me,” which reminds me of the classic Little Feet record Feats Don’t Fail Me Now. Check out the video below:

It’s been a few moons now since we’ve heard from Queens Of The Stone Age: The sixth and most recent album from Josh Homme and pals, …Like Clockwork, came out in 2013, and they’ve been pretty quiet about their goings on since then. We know they have a new album on the way, and that’s really about all the info we have. However, the band finally started to show its hand with a mysterious new website that may or may not hold clues about the band’s upcoming seventh album ( via Spin).

The band’s new website, featuring art created by artist Boneface, features a TV that can be tuned to eight channels that are mostly static. On the TV and its channels, phrases that could potentially be song titles or other sorts of identifying phrases appear, including “Mumbo Jumbo,” “13,” “Tutti Frutti,” “Reclaim Everything,” “It’s a ‘Beautiful’ Day in the U.S.A.,” “Askew,” “Gold Standard,” “Enteen,” “1976 Evil,” and “All My Confusion Is Waving Goodbye.”

Based on social media posts from April, though, it looks like the album just might be called Twentyfive. Whatever the album is called and whenever it’s coming, it looks like it’s at least finished or pretty close to it. In April, Burbank, California’s Lurssen Mastering posted a photo with the band captioned “Something new brewing,” and the same photo was also posted on Instagram with the caption, “An album just got mixed…”

Do you think we’re getting our first album post-…Like Clockwork soon, or is Homme just trying to ruffle some feathers? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below!

Featured image: Matador Records

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